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Our estate sale services are there for you every step of the way (and then some).

Direct service is the mission of Sapphire Resources. We go above and beyond to make your estate sale successful so you can move to the next chapter of your life.

Planning an estate sale is not easy. You’re often dealing with distress involving a family member and have a lot on your plate. Let our team of experts make the most of your estate sale.

  • Know the financial aspects of your estate sale are in caring and trusted hands

  • We'll organize your belongings, create an attractive display, and promote the sale

  • We ensure you get the most money possible

  • Even smaller estate sales are welcome

Anything you need, we can help.

Our experts can help you manage all aspects of your estate sale (and more) so you don't have to handle a thing. Erin Bonner has worked with countless real estate agents, families, and seniors  in planning the perfect estate sale to maximize value for your family. Erin has years of experience and has built a network of experts to help you have a worry-free estate sale run smoothly.

Do you need estate sale services?

Thank you for your information! Erin Bonn with Sapphire Resources, will reach out to you soon.

Estate Sale Services Reviews


Erin really took care of us from the very start, she was very helpful. Once she got involved she took care of everything and managed the whole thing so we didn’t have to worry about anything. She came in and looked at our things, but there wasn’t quite enough to make up a good sale so she combined it with another sale to bring it up enough. The sale went very well. I highly recommend Sapphire Resources for anyone having an estate sale.


My mom died unexpectedly and I was left with a house full of stuff packed with memories. I didn’t know where to start. Sapphire Resources was the perfect combination of straightforward and sympathetic. They had a team to do everything including packing and moving my keepsakes, holding an estate sale, and had the house ready for sale in no time at all. I call them the make-it-happen team.


Sapphire Resources ran an estate sale for us. It went very well. Erin was responsible, very respectful, and communicated well. She was very flexible and really willing to work with me and my specific needs. I met with another estate sale company and I didn’t have enough to make it worth their while. But Erin made it work to have an estate sale, and she did a great job and took care of everything to my satisfaction. I highly recommend Sapphire Resource!

Experienced, Trustworthy and Compassionate Estate Sale Services

We run every estate sale as though it were our own family's.

Estate Sale Promotion

As an experienced antique dealer, we can help you assess what your items are worth - saving you the hassle and helping prevent you from selling things too cheaply.

Advertising, networking ,and promotion are all a part of our professional estate sale services to ensure a productive sale. We'll handle all of it so you don't have to lift a finger.

Inviting Displays

We add a personal touch to all of our estate sales. We organize and prepare the entire house, setting up the home with attractive and inviting displays that pique interest and engage shoppers!

Sales Records

And of course, we keep records of sales and professionally organize all of the income and costs in a way that is easily understood by your family and your financial professionals.

Helping with every facet - beyond just the sale

We care. We will listen to your needs, help explain the process, show you the steps you need to take and how we can help. We can help you plan the most efficient estate sale possible.


Many of your items will be assessed for approximate value, and expectations will be spelled out clearly ahead of time so there are no surprises. We can even help you decide what items you may want to keep for yourself and what would be best to be donated to charity.

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Why choose Sapphire Resources?

Erin Bonner has years of experience running successful estate sales.


She’s extremely compassionate and understanding - she knows the emotional toll an estate sale can have, whether it’s from the loss of a family member or simply downsizing into a smaller home or assisted living community.


You do not have to be on-site to be reminded of memories that keep you distracted from managing the estate sale. Erin knows what you are going through and wants to help. She will make sure your family is treated with the same love, attention, and care as her own family. 


If you are not convinced yet, submit our form now with no obligation. We can address your concerns and help you make the best decisions for your family.

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